Product Info

The Infant ‘Identi’fierTM: The new biometric safety tool for parents of newborn and adopted infants.

This dual ended Infant ‘Identi’fier™ captures the infant’s saliva on one end and the mother’s fingerprint on the other.

The Infant ‘Identi’fier™ is specifically designed to capture shedding cheek cells containing DNA.  It also captures the scent of the infant’s saliva for scent dog video

The small wafer is swabbed inside the mouth of a newborn in the first few hours of life by a nurse or doctor.  The end opposite from the DNA swab of the Infant ‘Identi’fier™ is used to cast the mother’s thumbprint/fingerprint.  This will link the mother and the infant in one, unique biometric tool.  The parents are given the Infant ‘Identi’fier™ in a double sealed bag and instructed to keep it in a safe place of their choosing.

Packaging with polybag or blisterpack, and logo application, may be determined by licensee, wholesale customer or hospital vendor. fingerprint